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IBM Rational provides tools for architecture, design modeling, construction, model-driven development, architected rapid application development (RAD), component testing, and runtime analysis activities. These tools help developers maximize their productivity when building business applications, software products and systems, and embedded systems and devices. IBM design and construction tools are an integral part of the IBM Software Development Platform, a complete and modular platform for teams who build business applications, embedded systems, and software product.

IBM Software Development Platform encourages teams to:

The result: a more proficient software development team, and a more responsive, resilient, and focused business. The Rational solution combines software engineering best practices, market-leading tools, and professional services to drive continuous improvement in team capability.

Process made practical
Rational Best Practices make process practical. These practices have evolved for nearly 20 years through our collaboration with customers, partners and Rational thought leaders.

The distillation of lessons learned is IBM Rational Unified Process® (RUP®) an extensible and customizable knowledge base that has evolved into an industry-wide process platform. Rational Unified Process combines a core set of practices with optional process Plug-Ins to support projects of any size, scope, or project environment.

Unified tools for the project team
Rational tools unify the project team. Individually, Rational tools are leaders in their respective market categories. Combined, they offer unsurpassed automation across the software development life cycle. Rational tools span Windows, UNIX, Linux, and mainframe platforms and support a host of languages, IDEs, and operating environments. The Rational platform fundamentally improves the way organizations build software.

Services for accelerated implementation
IBM Rational Services accelerate implementation to help customers achieve success. Our services encompass worldwide consulting, deployment packages, technical support, and a wealth of online training and knowledge resources With more than 20 years of experience, Rational has a proven track record of successful services delivery.

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