Headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, iBeta offers software quality services to those companies seeking to develop or install software applications to support their enterprise-wide or departmental business processes. Our services encompass many different software quality activities such as quality assurance, quality control, functionality testing, performance testing, and test plan engineering. Our testing labs can handle a wide variety of software architectures from web-based internet applications to CD-ROM software packages.

iBeta was formed by a group of engineers and information technology professionals who were disappointed in the lack of apparent quality control in the software they were using on a regular basis. This drive to improve software quality led to the formation of iBeta.

iBeta has developed its services for companies wishing to outsource all or a portion of their software quality activities so they may gain testing efficiencies and reduce administrative burdens associated with in-house QA teams.

iBeta also works with those companies wishing to augment their existing QA teams with additional knowledge and experience in the QA process. As a result of our project participation, we can also provide an external viewpoint on your project's activities and suggest ways of meeting your project's goals and deadlines.

iBeta has proven itself by solving the most challenging software quality problems. Deciphering highly technical or complex issues is one of our greatest strengths. We do not shy away from demanding projects, rather we take pleasure in assisting the drive toward their successful completion.

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