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Ispirer Systems Ltd. is committed to helping companies modernize their database infrastructure and perform automated cross-platform database migration from all major databases to the newest database management systems developed by IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase and MySQL. Ispirer Systems develops and markets SQLWays, a complete and highly adaptive database migration solution that supports a wide variety of databases and dramatically reduces the time and cost of database migration.

SQLWays is a database migration product that easily converts database schema, data and business logic from all major databases to IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and MySQL, performing export on one system and import on another system and platform (Windows or Unix). It is highly flexible and can be used in various migration projects. As a complete migration solution, SQLWays automates the entire migration process and transfers data including LOB (images, binary data, formatted text) and Spatial (GIS) data. It converts tables (default values, null and identity properties, check and unique constraints, primary and foreign keys, comments), indexes, views, triggers, stored procedures and functions. Allows you to specify global data type mapping for all tables and local data type mapping for each table individually. Provides enhanced data type mapping taking into account different maximum lengths and properties of compatible data types in different databases. Resolves reserved word and identifier conflicts. Makes possible renaming each database object and column. Uses high performance data loading technologies. More info:

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