HITEG LTD., established in March of 2005, is a privately held international company focused on embedded technology and IT outsourcing. HITEG has accumulated much experience in a variety of IT engineering disciplines and capable of providing custom hardware and software design service with expertise covering many processors (especially ARM micro controllers) and real time operating systems according to customers' requirements and OEM/ODM production service.

HITEG provides embedded hardware and software, single board computesr, embedded boards, educational kits, etc. HITEG have gained much experience in developing embedded applications and customers can leverage our experience to increase their own productivity. HITEG provides solutions for embedded systems up to and including contract manufacturing, our products are through strict test and volume production conforms to RoHS. HITEG provides custom electronic design services for the embedded industry to help companies develop new products and enhance existing ones. HITEG provides detailed design and implementation in the form of high performance circuit board design, and embedded software design. As experts in terms of system architecture HITEG provide:

As a technical company in China, HITEG can also design and manufacture embedded component boards directly for a very low price with high quality. Whether customers need a hardware platform development, application development, or a complete turnkey design up to mass production status with optional production service.

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