Hynix Semiconductor

The 21st century is rapidly becoming the era of digital technology, based on the Internet and information communication. The significance of the semiconductor industry is more pronounced than at any time in the past. The industrial development in the 19th century was based on the steam engine, which paved the way for the railways. In the 20th century, electricity and telecommunications changed the way we lived. Our society in the 21st century is a digital age that will be driven by semiconductors.

Hynix Semiconductor has grown steadily into a world-class semiconductor manufacturer. Our success has been based on a number of factors such as efficiency of production, ongoing R & D investment, extensive marketing activities and clear and dedicated management teams whose primary concern is customer satisfaction.

Through the merger with LG Semiconductor in 1999, Hynix Semiconductor now has the world's largest DRAM production capacity as well as the industry's best technical development capacity by fully exploiting synergies resulting from the historical integration of both companies.

On the other hand, Hynix has greatly improved its competitiveness and price advantage through the continuing restructuring efforts including asset sales and spin-offs to focus on memory business.

Hynix, as a leader in this 21st century digital era, is committed to shaping the future in which all people can enjoy prosperity and convenience the digital world provides. For our shareholders, our aim is ongoing value creation within Hynix Semiconductor with improved, sustained profitability and transparent, effective corporate governance. For our customers, the best products and prices are and will be provided with excellent service and prompt response.

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