GalieoSoft is a technology company that caters to global customers in the Embedded and Engineering design space. We bring to you, the most comprehensive tools at most affordable prices-the tools that give you that much-wanted differentiated edge over your competitors in terms of:

Based in Bangalore, the Silicon valley of India, GalieoSoft has its operations in Europe as well and have immediate plans of expansion in other pats of the world. We are highly encouraged by the rave reviews that our first indigenously developed product - GalieoSD® Debugger has gained from Embedded Developer community worldwide. This has catapulted our dreams of making GalieoSoft a global, end-to-end Software product and solutions Company. We continue to grow and drive customer success With GalieoSoft, you can expect continued advances in our offerings with a promise of providing you the most innovative softwares.

GalieoSD is a platform-independent debugger, supports all ARM cores and all JTAG emulators. GalieoSD supports ELF, DWARF, COFF file formats which enables you to use your favourite compilers and linkers( ADS, GNU, Metrowerks, IAR, Realview..).It incorporates Breakpointing feature for Step-by-step debugging and also allows for simultaneous Target debugging.Trace-option for SoC engineers and Scripting facility for automated testing and verification are also incorporated in this software debugger.

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