GAO Research

GAO Research Inc. is the leading provider of embedded software solutions for modem, fax, speech, telephony, modem relay, fax relay, fax over IP, Voice over IP and Voice over DSL on various fixed and floating point DSPs and processors.

GAO!/s software has been integrated into Internet Appliances, IP phones, Internet access devices, Set-top boxes, PDAs, Modem pools, Metering applications, Credit card transacting devices, Feature phones, Wireless communication devises, RAS and many other devices.

GAO is serving Industry leaders since 1992. GAO!/s software is used by Bell South, Qwest, Bell Canada and Greece telecom amongst others in their systems.

GAO plays an important role in reducing product cost by replacing hardware with a software solution running on the existing DSP or microprocessor in customer designs as well as provides analog front end design with a cost effective BoM and hardware reference designs to its customers.

GAO!/s products

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