FairCom has consistently provided engineers around the world with solid, high-performance database technology. FairCom provides a complete line of data management tools and offers an engineering level solution for high speed data indexing and extraction. Our superior technology offers developers the ability to customize and dynamically control their database operations. This level of control and customization is unmatched in the industry and is backed up by years of proven dependability.

For many years companies like Sharp Corporation®, Computer Associates®, Federal Express, and Alcatel have relied on FairCom's proven suite of products. With hundreds of thousands of products in worldwide use, FairCom has earned a reputation for quality, and remains committed to providing the cutting edge technology and superior technical support that its customers have come to expect. Our offices in the United States, Europe, Japan and Brazil offer excellence in sales, service, and product support that sets FairCom apart as an industry leader.

FairCom provides the underlying database technology for vertical market applications, corporate-wide applications, and embedded processes. Whether a project requires the flexibility to move from single or multi-user to the unparalleled versatility and control offered with client/server models or a small memory footprint for embedded systems, FairCom offers developers the best database solution available on the market today, along with flexible licensing options.

Technology like heterogeneous networking, data encryption, multiprocessor support, and advanced transaction processing are features that attract engineers today. But the proven stability and support are the reasons why FairCom has remained a leader in this industry for over twenty years.

Choosing FairCom for your database management solution will provide your company the flexibility and power it requires to continue to grow with the acceleration of today's technology.

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