Faraday Technology Corporation

Faraday Technology Corporation is a leading fabless ASIC vendor as well as a silicon intellectual property (SIP) provider. Statistically, Faraday has been acknowledged its innovative power with over 3,000 successful designs, along with nearly 100 million ASIC chips shipped annually worldwide. Customer satisfaction helped them achieve a 35% compound annual growth for the past decade. Their ability in attaining an economic scale in top quality ASIC products has allowed them to establish an enormous IP data bank. Faraday's ASIC and IP business models complement each other, which contributes as the key to its success.

Faraday made a commitment to providing customers with the most sophisticated design service and technologies. Faraday helps customers turn their logic netlist into the final packaged integrated circuit reality. The process shields customers from many pitfalls that they may otherwise encounter when running a successful ASIC design. With these service and technologies, Faraday's customers can consistently achieve time-to-design and time-to-market efficiency for mass production.

Faraday works closely with its customers to achieve the most flexible bilateral interaction. Faraday's key to success has always been its ability to provide customized solutions that match the specific demands from customers. Faraday's steadfast philosophy is to hold the customer's interest in the highest esteem. Most importantly, Faraday is devoted to creating and maintaining the "win-win" values for both itself and all the associated parties.

Faraday was founded in 1993 with the initial capitalization of 1.56 million U.S. dollars. Faraday posted 156 million US dollars revenues for 2007. Faraday is a public traded company in the Taipei stock exchange with its headquarters in Taiwan, and the affiliates in the United States, Japan, China, and Europe.

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