Fairchild Semiconductor

Fairchild Semiconductor is the #1 global supplier of power analog, power discrete, and optoelectronic components that optimize system power. As The Power Franchise(R), Fairchild offers the industry's broadest portfolio of components for today's leading electronic applications in the computing, communications, consumer, industrial, and automotive segments.

Regarded as the "Father of Silicon Valley," Fairchild has a history of leading-edge innovation; this tradition continues today through the design and development of high performance, innovative and energy efficient products. 2007 is a monumental year because the company celebrates 50 years since it was first established in 1957. The goal of the original company: the development and production of silicon diffused transistors and other semiconductor devices. In 1958, Fairchild developed the planar transistor and with it a new industry was born. 2007 also marks the 10 year anniversary of the new Fairchild and The Power Franchise(R). Today, Fairchild is an application-driven, solutions-based semiconductor provider delivering strong design support, innovative and highly integrated power products, and comprehensive global customer engagement.

The Power Franchise(TM)
Growing populations and developing countries with increased access to today's electronic technologies require high performance applications that work faster and more efficiently while consuming less power. And few companies offer more products to efficiently manage power than Fairchild.

As the acknowledged leader in power semiconductors, Fairchild is capitalizing on the world's demands for an ever-increasing range of products that converge applications into smaller, lighter, more efficient devices while consuming less power. Consumer demand for longer battery life in portable electronics; the desire to save costs and reduce the size and weight of power supplies (battery chargers); improving operating costs and extending service life for electronic devices; as well as dwindling fuel supplies and the emergence of new regulations and standards that mandate energy efficiency are fueling this growth.

Fairchild offers the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of products, from 1W to >1200W, to maximize energy efficiency in today's electronic devices such as PDAs, multi-function mobile phones, high-resolution flat panel displays and monitors, DVDs, set top boxes, power supplies, power bricks, power adaptors, motor control and factory automation, ignition and engine management, automotive entertainment, navigation and safety, notebook PCs, printers and copiers.

Fairchild's energy-efficient solutions play an integral role in improving the environmental landscape. With our unique capability in advanced process and packaging technologies and our ability to integrate power analog, power discrete, and optoelectronic functionality into innovative packaging, we are leveraging our leadership position in power and using our vast knowledge of our customers' needs, market trends and strong capabilities in semiconductor technology, to develop energy efficient solutions that continue to innovate the electronics market.

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