Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation

Systems are getting more complex as new fabric based technologies like RapidIO, PCI-Express, and Advanced System Interconnect (ASI) find their way into real hardware. During this technology evolution, time to market pressures continue to force shorter design cycles. Their customers are faced with new technologies, old tools, and little time.

Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation is a new company born out of the need for a new kind of tool for the embedded developer. Their tools utilize a highly interactive graphical user interface to help customers quickly see system faults while providing all of the low level control needed manipulate register bits. Their goal is to help software and hardware developers spend less of their time looking for problems so they can focus on solving them.

Fabric Embedded Tools Corporation is a privately owned company located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in the heart of Silicon Valley North. Their products are designed for embedded developers by embedded developers. Their focus is on providing high quality, high value diagnostic tools for minimizing technology risk and reducing time to market.

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