Entrek Software

Entrek Software, Inc. is a Redmond based software company whose mission is to provide software development solutions to the Microsoft Windows Embedded Space. Over the past two and a half years Entrek has grown and is now providing Windows CE embedded products in addition to its strong development services. Entrek believes in the importance of leadership within the Windows CE community, delivering on the promise of making only optimal and reliable time to market solutions, and providing immediate and measurable return on information technology investments.

Entrek markets TOOLBOX Windows CE Edtion, which is a software development kit for the professional Pocket pc developer. Entrek TOOLBOX contains two tools ProcMan and CodeSnitch. Procman manages system memory and CPU usage and allows you to view and modify processes threads and windows. CodeSnitch tracks down memory and resource leaks, Validates Windows API calls and detects memory overwrites and underwrites.

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