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EM Software & Systems' consulting services focus on two main activities:

EM Software also markets FEKO, which is a full wave, method of moments (MoM) based, computer code for the analysis of electromagnetic problems such as: EMC, shielding, coupling, antenna design, antenna placement analysis, microstrip antennas, and circuits, striplines, dielectric media, scattering analysis etc.

The implementation is comprehensive and has been extended for the analysis of thin dielectric sheets, multiple homogeneous dielectric bodies and planar stratified media. Modules are available for parametric optimisation, time domain analysis and the analysis of complex cable harnesses in their 3D environment.

FEKO includes the Multilevel Fast Multipole Method (MLFMM) which is an efficient method for solving electrically large problems using the accurate full-wave (MoM) technique, but requires much less memory than the conventional MoM. The MoM has been hybridised with asymptotic high frequency techniques, physical optics (PO) and the uniform theory of diffraction (UTD). This true hybridisation reduces the computational resource requirements, enabling the analysis of very large problems (e.g. antenna placement analysis).

The MoM/FEM (Finite Element Method) hybrid is a very efficient formulation for the analysis of inhomogeneous dielectric bodies. Parallel processing and other techniques can be used to speed up the solution of the CEM problems. A professional graphical user interface is available.

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