Empower Technologies

Empower Technologies, Inc ("Empower"). of Redmond, Washington is dedicated to bringing its Linux-based solutions to the forefront of the intelligent electronics stage. Incorporated in February 2000, Empower is publicly traded on the TSX Venture (EPT) and has established a global infrastructure to best service its target market. Dedicated to the advancement of digital appliances, Empower has a history of excellence in research and development, building complete Linux-based solutions for license in consumer electronics as illustrated by its two product groups LEOs(R) and PowerPlay(TM) devices.

Recognizing the opportunity to provide an alternative option to dominant technology platforms, Empower created LEOs(R) from the open-source Linux kernel, developing an operating system that was functional, versatile and easy to use. Drawing on a broad base of knowledge and experience to create cutting-edge technology in LEOs(R), Empower was positioned as an industry leader in Linux-based embedded system technologies and solutions.

LEOs(R) was introduced as the first and only complete Linux operating system scaled down for the embedded computing platform. A dynamic platform, based on the needs of developers and business professionals, LEOs(R) expressed extreme versatility, expansive compatibility and unlimited upgradeability perfect for customizing software with the widely available Software Development Kit. LEOs(R) combined the power of other platforms with the flexibility of Linux to deliver complete solutions for intelligent digital electronics.

Dedicated to anticipating, understanding and meeting the demands of this exciting market, Empower develops embedded system technologies and solutions for manufacturers derived from consumers' evolving needs. By pursuing partnerships and strategic alliances with leaders and innovators in the consumer electronics industry, Empower remains a leading provider of Linux-based embedded system technologies and solutions now and in the future.

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