Eridon is defining the emerging field of Embedded Computing Objects where self-integrating subsystems consisting of circuit designs, supporting electronic logic, and software drivers become simple units that are easily and automatically assembled into production-ready designs. Their goal is to drive this convergence in the design of hardware and software through the UnifiedLogic framework, a framework that spans the creation of the initial prototype all the way through producing final production boards.

There is a need for modular, re-usable hardware circuits with mated supporting software. Products are now expected to support advanced subsystems, such as USB, Ethernet, removable Flash memory devices, graphic displays, and so forth—all sophisticated, yet peripheral to a product's core purpose. Eridon is committed to capturing the latest technology and standards on UnifiedLogic uCards, which are literally snapped together in a day and then turned into production-ready designs, thereby accelerating companies in their race to bring innovative products to market.

Eridon is a privately held corporation founded in 2002 around the vision of advancing the state-of-the-art in embedded systems design. Eridon's engineers have years of experience in hardware design, operating systems, compilers, communications, GUI, production, as well as many other skills. They are committed to excellence in our products and to the success of their customers.

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