EzHomeTech was established in Taiwan in December 2003 by Robert Kao. Robert Kao is the inventor of "Vague Sets" that is more intuitionist than fuzzy sets. Theory of fuzzy sets was founded by Lotfi Zadeh in 1965. Theory of Vague Sets was founded by Robert Kao (Wen-Lung Gau) in 1993 and was published in "IEEE Transaction on system, Man and Cybernetics." Now, the theory of Vague Sets is referred by so many papers in the world.

EzHomeTech is a leading embedded middleware provider of software development kits for building embedded products quickly and easily. EzHomeTech provides embedded middleware and application modules for developing embedded products, IPTV, VOD, Internet Application, Signage Player, PMP, DVB, DVR etc. They enable customers to focus on developing more applications and more turnkey solutions.

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