EVE was founded in April 2000 with the goal of developing a totally new approach to hardware-assisted verification—one which would provide the productivity only possible with specialized hardware, but without the numerous drawbacks commonly associated with existing emulation and rapid prototyping systems.

Their mission is to make hardware-assisted verification more accessible than ever before—accessible by both SoC designers and embedded software developers, accessible throughout the design cycle, and accessible by groups with modest EDA budgets.

EVE's acceleration product has been shipping since 2001, their emulation and prototyping products have been shipping since 2003. The response has been phenomenal. Nine of the top 10 semiconductor companies rely on EVE systems today to verify their IC and embedded system designs. Those designs target a variety of fast-paced markets including: networking, communications, multi-media, graphics, computer, and consumer.

EVE currently has close to 100 employees with facilities in America, Europe and Asia.

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