Embest is a privately held international company focused on embedded system technology services. The company is an ARM connected community member focused on hardware and software development for ARM embedded systems. Their main products include IDE, flash programmer, JTAG emulators, USB oscilloscope, evaluation boards, single board computer, and educational kits. The company is also an ATC (ARM Approved Training Center) and provides training service in China and its teaching package EmbestUniversity(R) is popular with many universities and educational institutes worldwide. Embest also provides custom design services according to your OEM/ODM production service.

In the rapidly growing market of high end embedded systems, Embest provides comprehensive services to specify, develop and produce products and help customer implement innovative technology and product features, go from prototyping to the final product within a short timeframe and thus shorten their time to market, and to achieve the lowest production costs possible. The company has already had much experience and many successful cases in complex embedded systems development in various application areas like automotive, consumer, wired and wireless networking, industrial, etc.

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