EmPowerTec's mission is to provide software that helps users to create better UML models, thus making their software development projects more effective.

The de facto standard for describing the results of business analysis and software design is the Unified Modeling Language (UML). The UML contains a language for specifying expressions that can be used manifold to improve the precision of your models, thus making your development more efficient and less error prone. These expressions significantly improve the precision of a UML model by complementing the wider known diagrams and use cases. Thus more information about the business domain can be acquired by your business analysts and made available for designers, coders, testers and documentation writers. Expressions are written in Object Constraint Language (OCL) which is a formal language that is both powerful and easy to write and read (learn more about the benefits of using OCL).

Oclarity, EmPowerTec's AddIn for Rational Rose adds comprehensive support for using OCL expressions in Rational Rose UML models.

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