EUROS Embedded Systems

EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH is a specialist in the field of embedded software and offers a lot of high-quality products.

For nearly 20 years we successfully support companies in different industrial sectors as medical technology, measurement-, automation-, communication-, traffic-engineering and automotive.

As employee of Siemens (Ottobrunn in Munich), Dr. Kaneff, founder and CEO of EUROS Embedded Systems GmbH, took part in developing the first real time operating system of Siemens for the 8 bit micro-processors 8080/8085 in the end of the 70s. At that time it was the first and the only development in its own way in Germany. Later a 16 Bit version of the operating system for the x86 processor family followed. Currently this operating system, well-known as RMOS, operates many devices of Siemens and their customers. Dr. Kaneff engaged in an US company for realtime operating systems from 1983 to 1987. There he was part of the team developing the real operating system MTOS/UX.

With our basic products like real time operating systems, drivers for peripheral components, protocol stacks and cross development stand-alone tools we offer well-engineered solutions from one source. Our large portfolio contains a lot of solutions for current and future requirements in the embedded field. Qualified consulting service and a professional support with dedicated contact persons mean flexibility and rapid realization of customer projects. EUROS supports you to get your project completed successfully.

EUROS represents a solid base for modern products: reduced time-to-market, reduced cost for product development, future-proof platform independence and the confidence to reach the aim of your project.

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