EmbeddedPlus Engineering

EmbeddedPlus provides customers with individualized, customized tools and services they need to improve quality, stability and predictability, while reducing time to market and overall cost of projects.

Our expertise and services are derived from years of experience in systems and software development including real-time embedded system design, system and software modeling and simulations. We also provide methodology, training, design and implementation services to leading companies in military, aerospace, medical, and telecommunications markets.

EmbeddedPlus Engineering exceeds customer expectations by delivering projects on time with additional functionality. Our customers are always impressed with our commitment to service. Boeing Aircraft & Missile Systems/Phantom Works awarded EmbeddedPlus Engineering "THE BOEING SMALL BUSINESS SUPPLIER OF THE QUARTER. For exceptional performance in designing DESIDE (Discrete Event Simulation Interactive Development Environment) software (S/W), which expanded the state-of-the-art in simulation development technology and provided capabilities not available in any other commercial S/W development tools, in support of Phantom Works Modeling & Simulation Thrust Project."

EmbeddedPlus Engineering has a team of systems and software experts that allows us to offer a broad range of tools and services which include:

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