Encirq Corporation builds data management and database technologies for embedded computing devices. These devices include digital consumer electronics products, such as television set-top boxes, video recorders, car radios and industrial sensors and meters, manufacturing systems and communications products, such as cell phones, PBXs, switches, and routers. Encirq's technologies are extremely compact, high-performance, standards-based and modular. They bring the power of sophisticated data management to whole new classes of integrated applications and embedded systems.

They offer Encirq 3e Database Suite for Embedded Systems. Encirq 3e is the world's smallest, high-performance, full-featured Embedded Database and is available for 16-bit and 32-bit CPUs running with or without an RTOS. Encirq 3e features a development tool, the Encirq 3e Data Expert, and component libraries for generating highly compact, custom, application-specific data management components. It supports all the major microprocessors. A free evaluation download is available.

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