Earth Computer Technologies

The flat panel marketplace has exploded in the last few years and given a window of opportunity for a new kind of company. Rather then scrapping the sometimes proprietary flat panels Earth Computer Technologies has set up a three phase program to re-market these panels. The environmentally sound thing for LCD materials managers to do is to allow Earth to re-market these panels in one of these ways: (1) Re-market to third world countries & niche markets, (2) Sell into the industrial market as a kit with a controller, (3) Sell into the service market, and (4) Use in a product manufactured by Earth.

Earth works with the LCD owner on an agent, cash buyout or consignment basis. The markets the panels are resold into can be restricted by the seller to prevent channel conflicts. Small manufacturers in new markets are willing to use low cost surplus flat panels to establish themselves in new markets. By acting as a missionary in new markets with a low cost solution Earth's efforts can benefit the LCD manufacturer by helping to establish them in particular markets early on.

An example of this is our low cost monochrome VGA kit that sells for $199 includes a 9.4" monochrome LCD, an ISA controller and cable. At this cost several PLC manufacturers are using them to put embedded graphical interfaces into their low cost controllers. By focusing on solutions Earth also avoids channel conflict with traditional LCD distribution.

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