DAFCA is an EDA software company focused on post-silicon SoC validation, debug, and in-system bring-up. DAFCA's tools allow design teams to seamlessly incorporate DAFCA's patented and compact reconfigurable instrumentation IP into devices, pre-silicon, in order to observe, discover, and diagnose at-speed, in-silicon functional behavior.

Physical device validation and debug is the most expensive and unpredictable stage of design implementation; DAFCA tools provide on-chip visibility, which leads to dramatically lower development and integration costs. The ClearBlue(tm) Instrumentation Studio is a powerful, easy to use, pre-silicon environment for insertion of reconfigurable instruments directly into RTL. The ClearBlue(tm) Silicon Validation Studio offers a wide spectrum of in-system, at-speed analysis capabilities, including logic analyzers, event-based validation and assertion-based debug, and performance monitoring. ClearBlue(tm) is compatible by design with all major EDA tool flows.

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