DiSTI® is a privately held, small business incorporated in 1994 by three former faculty members of the University of Central Florida, in response to the need for distributed simulation consulting, development and training. DiSTI is located in Orlando, Florida neighboring STRICOM, NAV-AIR Orlando and University of Central Florida research facilities.

DiSTI is an engineering and software development company that can provide a wide range of services to support development of distributed simulation and real time visual applications.

DiSTI has a knowledgeable staff of software developers, IT professionals and graphic artists capable of designing, implementing and delivering a full range of products and services. DiSTI's services include simulation architecture design, software development, IT consulting and product training courses. DiSTI has extensive experience in the design and development of networked simulation tools, instrumentation and human machine interfaces.

DiSTI is the developer of GL Studio(TM). GL Studio our flagship product is a rapid application development (RAD) tool for the rapid prototyping and simulation of 3D instrumentation, human machine interfaces for computer based training, maintenance and part task trainers and safety critical applications. GL Studio is fully compliant for embedded avionics displays requiring DO-178B certification. Please visit our GL Studio page for more information on this product.

DiSTI is the World Leader in Modeling and Simulation training! Our Simulation Professional Series of training classes provides students with a basic foundation in Modeling and Simulation as well as educating them on the latest techniques and technologies used in the simulation and courseware communities. DiSTI’s HLA classes have attracted over 1,000 students from around the world and are the most widely attended classes in the industry. DiSTI has trained thousands of engineers from a wide variety of simulation companies and government organizations around the world.

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