Dmatek has more than a decade (started in 1988) experience in the field of microprocessor. In the beginning, Dmatek develops various kind of interface cards for educational training. Later on, Dmatek set up a delicate R&D department concentrates in the microprocessor system development, includes all peripheral controller and educational testing lab equipments. Now Dmatek has its name in the field of microprocessor development tool.

As the result of continuously development, Dmatek has build a complete list of products which includes:

  1. ICE for TI DSP series
  2. PICE 320C14 / 320C25 / 320C50 / 320C24X
  3. Controller
  4. Application Experimental Lab Equipments
  5. ICE for Intel MPU serious
  6. MPU 80C52 / 80C196 / KC / MC / MH
  7. Application Experimental Lab Equipments
  8. DSP controller
  9. PC Interface tools
  10. Xilink controller
  11. Fundamental universal lab
  12. Reference and data books
  13. With totally more than 40 types of products, a continuous and intensive research and development; and years of field services, Dmatek has becomes one of the major supplier and ODM vender.

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