Digital Acoustics

Digital Acoustics Corporation was founded in the early 90's to create and exploit developments in the converging areas of speech, data, command and control, and computer telephony. In 2003 we still develop products and intellectual property assets. We continue to expanding on technology and capabilities gained from ongoing experience.

The company holds a unique, patented product platform for a technology referred to as Voice Dialing over Dial Tone or vDot®. Additional assets include products, platforms and proprietary software algorithms.

Digital Acoustics can trace its beginnings to Touchbase Systems, Inc. Touchbase Systems pioneered the world's first portable modem technology. It was responsible for the productization and integration of silicon from Intel, Yamaha, Sierra, and SGS-Thompson. The company achieved worldwide leadership in portable modem technology and was acquired in 1991 by U.S. Robotics, Inc., now 3COM Corporation.

Today, several of the founding members of Touchbase Systems are still principals of Digital Acoustics, having worked together as a team since the late 80's.

One of Digital Acoustics produce is TextSpeak TTS-03 Text-To-Speech module, which is the world's first direct keyboard, X10, IRDA and RS-232 speech converter module. TextSpeak TTS-03 Text-To-Speech module converts ASCII text to a natural, clear voice with unlimited vocabulary. This small footprint, plug-in solution accepts RS232, X10 and IRDA inputs and also provides clear speech directly from a AT/PS2 keyboard.

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