CanyonBlue Inc. was formed by software development industry veterans. Veterans, with extensive experience in consulting engagements, where the principles of reuse and fast ramp-up are critical for delivering quality, and timely technology implementations to solve business problems. Recognizing that a team is most effective by building on the sum of its individual participants, CanyonBlue developed Konesa, an UML-based modeling tool that enables real-time collaboration, whether team members are in the next cube, or in the next hemisphere.

Konesa is the only team development tool to support a real-time collaborative environment for application modeling. With full support from UML version 1.4 and roundtrip engineering in JAVA and C++, Konesa provides a virtual workspace that utilizes the intellectual capital stored, from the model level to the individual level, to the organizational level. Whether your development team consists of 5 members in one location or many. Konesa allows all members to fully collaborate, share ideas and streamline the software development process.

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