Calypso Wireless

Calypso Wireless developed the solution that allows any mobile device to seamlessly roam between cellular networks and wireless local area networks. On January 20, 2004 Calypso received U.S. Patent No. U.S. 6,680,923 B1 titled: "Communication System and Method". This solution is known by the trademarked acronym, ASNAP(tm), which stands for: Automatic Switching of Network Access Points.

For the past several years the company has been working toward the development of products incorporating its revolutionary ASNAP(tm) technology. Calypso has successfully demonstrated the seamless flow of data while switching between a wireless connection from a cellular GSM/GPRS tower to a local Wi-Fi access point and back to GSM/GPRS again. The company is pursuing mobile carrier customers to realize the intrinsic value of this technology.

Several mobile carriers have recognized the potential of Calypso's ASNAP(tm) technology and have signed field trial agreements to install and test the system and to test the ASNAP(tm) powered mobile devices as well. Successful field trials should lead to definitive purchase, and or license agreements.

Calypso has remained and will remain focused on the development of its technology and related products, to the deployment of its technology and to direct negotiations with mobile carriers concerning its products. With the Wi-Fi industry being one of the most explosive industries in the world, there is considerable interest from the major mobile carriers and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in Calypso's ASNAP(tm) technology. Calypso is moving toward procuring licensing agreements with major OEM's that are interested in developing products that include or facilitate the company's technology.

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