Clarinox is an innovative company, always monitoring for the next emerging market - the next incremental step in modern computing technology. This outlook led to the recognition the trend towards ubiquitous mobile computing. A mobility that will fundamentally alter the role of technology in our lives.

The Clarinox Technologies products provide a cost-effective total integrated one stop solution for complex wired or wireless embedded and real time application software development.

Together Clarinox SoftFrame, ClarinoxBlue and ClarinoxScan gives a small team the capability to develop and support applications that run across many platforms such as Windows, WindowsCE, Linux, embedded Linux, RTOS, uITRON and Symbian. Many processors platforms are supported including ARM7/9, Intel 80x86/Pentium, PowerPC and various DSP. The development team can focus on the application rather needing to concern themselves with the specifics of the target platforms environment (OS, hardware, protocols, I/O calls etc). Complex technologies such as Bluetooth and RFID can be added as plug and play modules. A single team can develop for desktop and various embedded platforms by writing the application once and then move to target platform anytime.

We are not biased towards a proprietary RTOS, or the Linux line or the Windows line. Our advantage is that the decision to go along one path initially is not binding on future deployment of the application Clarinox can facilitate the quick and efficient development of a range of applications. Clarinox applications include location determination, MP3 streaming, handsfree voice communication, and data transfer just to name a few.

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