Certicom is a leading provider of wireless security solutions, enabling developers, governments and enterprises to add strong security to their devices, networks and applications. Designed for constrained devices, Certicomís patented technologies are unsurpassed in delivering the strongest cryptography with the smallest impact on performance and usability.

Founded in 1985 to further research started at the University of Waterloo in Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), today we hold over 130 patents in this area. Certicomís security products are based on more than a decade of research with a specific focus on developing and implementing highly efficient security technologies within constrained environments.

As an active participant in international standards organizations, Certicom provides leadership in the standardization of ECC and other cryptographic technologies by ANSI, IEEE, ISO, FIPS and other major standards bodies. Certicom also spearheaded the development of the Standards for Efficient Cryptography Group (SECG) and sponsored an Industrial Research Chair of Cryptography at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

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