CG-CoreEL is a leading provider of VLSI System Design Services and Technology solutions to Communication & Semiconductor companies worldwide. They are a privately held company Headquartered in Bangalore, India, with a Sales Office & Customer Proximity Hub in the US.

CG-CoreEL provides Design and Consulting services "from concept to silicon" for FPGA, ASIC, SoC/Boards based on over a decade of experience in IC Designs that have set examples of First time Silicon Success for several Global customers.

Their orientation towards high performance solutions with robust process and development methodologies gives them tremendous edge in providing highly complex, multi-million gate systems on programmable chip solutions.

The company also markets a 256 Channel HDLC Controller core. This core is a multi channel device that supports HDLC processing for a maximum of 256 channels using 8 physical links. Each HDLC channel can be configured independently to process data. On-chip data buffer provides an intermediate storage for the data to/from upper layer device.

Entire buffer space can be configured for a single channel to a maximum of 256 channels using on-chip pointer memory, thus providing user the flexibility to use data buffer in an efficient manner. The data transaction with upper layer device is in the form of burst transfers with maximum of 256 octets per burst.

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