BlueGiga Technologies

Bluegiga Technologies Ltd. is a provider of cutting-edge Bluetooth-based wireless communication platforms. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Finland, the European hotbed of wireless technology, Bluegiga is strategically positioned to deliver its products globally through the extensive network of qualified distributors and valueadded resellers to original equipment manufacturers and system integrators.

Bluegiga is an innovator of Bluetooth multiradio access server products having seamless coexistence with other wired and wireless technologies, BluRoamTM, the unique roaming technology for Bluetooth devices and iWRAPTM, the easy-to-use Bluetooth control interface. Bluegiga, with its expertise in the Bluetooth technology, has been a contributing associate member of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group since the company ’s inception.

One-stop Bluetooth Solution

Bluegiga provides customers with secure, cost efficient, easy-to-integrate, and easy-to-use Bluetooth-based wireless solutions that meet high quality standards. Industry leading vendors in telemetry, logistics, point of sale, and medical equipment are among the manufacturers turning to Bluegiga for the power-efficient and small-sized WRAP THORTM Bluetooth modules and the, flexible scalable WRAP Access ServerTM to unwire their own end products. Bluegiga Integration Services completes the one-stop turnkey solution by further reducing customers’ time-to-market production and removing the risk of product development challenges when designing-in new wireless technology.

High Quality Easy-to Integrate Bluetooth Modules

Bluegiga’s WRAP THORTM Bluetooth modules come with both 10-meter range class 2 and 100-meter class 1 flavors. Flexible placement the availability of both face solderable and board-to-board connector models. Equipped with the full Bluetooth software stack and available with all the major standard firmware options as well as with customer specific custom firmware, the modules enable device manufacturers to easily robust wireless communications links to both new and existing applications. With Bluegiga’s unique BluRoamTM roaming iWRAPTM control interface, and a wide range of development tools, Bluegiga's modules offer unbeatable value to original equipment manufacturers and system integrators.

Scalable and Flexible Gateway to Network Bluetooth Devices

Bluegiga’s WRAP Access ServerTM enables the deployment of Bluetooth connectivity as a new virtue in already existing networks without network reconfiguration. Bluegiga’s WRAP Access ServerTM equipped with the multiradio feature is the first network device that combines multiple Bluetooth radios with WiFi, GSM data, GPRS, and Ethernet connectivity in one integrated form factor. The product is capable of serving up to 21 simultaneous Bluetooth connections making it the ideal solution for linking small batteryoperated mobile devices to a wide range of data networks. Also configured to act as a WiFi base station, the WRAP Access ServerTM offers one integrated Hot Spot solution for serving WiFi and Bluetooth access to cell phones, PDAs, and laptops as well as to special purpose hand-held devices.

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