Beceem was founded in October 2003, as a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the emerging WiMAX marketplace. Beceem offers baseband & RF chipsets as well as complete hardware & software solutions. From the beginning, Beceem has taken a leadership position in everything they do. In 2005, they were the first to market with a pre-WiMAX chipset called the MS100, and followed that success with the first Wave 1 (released January 2006) and Wave 2 (released December 2006) mobile WiMAX chipsets.

These chipsets can be found at the core of a variety of wireless products, including computing devices, mobile devices, modules, routers and gateways. Their solutions offer unprecedented performance yet consume minimal power and require minimal space - an absolute must in the wireless device industry where these factors are at a premium.

But great technology is just part of the story. Beceem co-chair the WiMAX Forum Certification Group as well as hold leadership positions in other key industry groups, and therefore they have intimate knowledge of where wireless broadband is heading. Their employees represent one of the world's most exceptional engineering teams - combining leading WiMAX wireless and information theory experts in the communication industry with expert design and application engineering professionals.

Beceem firmly believes in a "win-win" philosophy in every aspect of our business operations. Every day they make conscious decisions to create solutions that maximize the benefits for everyone involved, whether it's designing the chipset for the next-generation PDA or providing the most rewarding work environment possible.

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