Berkeley Design Automation

Berkeley Design Automation is the electronic design automation (EDA) industry leader in next-generation analog, RF, and mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) verification. The company's Precision Circuit Analysis(TM) technology provides full SPICE accuracy 5X to 10X faster than any other tool. BDA delivers its customers a quantifiable competitive edge in getting high-quality circuits to market weeks faster than is otherwise possible.

Analog/RF circuitry is both the biggest differentiator and the most difficult design challenge in today's ICs. Running at GHz frequencies and implemented in nanometer-scale CMOS silicon processes, these circuits introduce a new class of verification problems that SPICE, RF, and digital fastSPICE simulators simply cannot adequately address.

Berkeley Design Automation's Analog FastSPICE and RF FastSPICE combine innovative applied mathematics with advanced numerical optimization techniques. The company developed the underlying Precision Circuit Analysis technology from the bottom up, never compromising accuracy, and verifying it against silicon every step of the way. Unparalleled accuracy and performance make Analog FastSPICE and RF FastSPICE ideal for the most difficult verification challenges such as multi-day or multi-week long simulations or circuits that cannot otherwise converge. Examples include:

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