BrightScale was conceived in April of 2002 by an international team of engineers and scientists from academia and industry with established backgrounds in processor architecture, compiler design, and digital video/still imaging. BrightScale has developed a highly differentiated solution to address the problem of accelerating change and chaos. By revisiting and revising previous video and media processor architecture mindsets, the BrightScale team realized that near-optimal performance and power efficiency can be attained, even for a purely programmable processor.

BrightScale's BA 1024 is a powerful new processor architecture that provides full programmability, at a cost which is directly competitive at the device level, with ASIC solutions and the performance necessary to manage the demands of next generation multi-channel, multi-standard, high-definition video processing. At the same time, the device is easy to program and follows the same model as is widely used for embedded processors and DSPs. BrightScale therefore has the programmable solution to meet the industry's urgently growing needs.

The BrightScale brings to market for the first time a fully programmable device that can compete directly with fixed function ASIC solutions, in terms of performance and cost. This value proposition provides the opportunity for BrightScale to build leading market share in the highly evolving and growing Digital Television and Multi-media market.

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