Ardence is a global leader in designing and developing software solutions that enhance the control, dependability and management of Windows® operating systems.

Ardence streaming-software solutions enable on-demand streaming of the operating system and applications, providing economic, system-management, and user benefits at the desktop and in the data center. Additionally, because it is a software-only solution, Ardence software streaming works with, and extends the life of existing hardware. Ardence streaming solutions have widespread application throughout the Enterprise and are deployed world-wide.

The company's embedded solutions include RTX, Phar Lap ETS and ReadyOn. RTX is a real-time solution that enhances the control of Windows®, providing greater flexibility and reliability. Phar Lap ETS is the smallest-footprint Win32 real-time operating system in the market, and ReadyOn provides instant-on functionality for Windows® devices.

Ardence, Inc. is also a leading distributor of Microsoft operating system embedded products.

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