Advanced Knowledge Associates

Advanced Knowledge Associates (AKA) designs and manufactures AKA Modules. AKA Modules are Miniaturized, Reconfigurable and High-Performance Embedded-System Solution Modules. AKA Modules are FPGA-based Modular systems which are completely self-contained. Also, AKA Modules come with Industry Focused peripherals and software. AKA Modules are specifically designed for solving customer problems relating to:

In today's world, it is critical for companies to speed up the design, implementation, debug and testing of products to gain a competitive advantage. AKA Modules provide a fully-tested, highly reliable, scaleable, efficient and high-performing solution to allow customers to focus solely on their end application.

AKA Modules provide a powerful and elegant way to incorporate today's latest technologies and capabilities into customer designs within the shortest possible time and the least effort. The Modules come prepackaged with all relevant hardware and software to serve the needs of specific industry verticals. Further, AKA can customize and tailor the modules for specific needs and to gain efficiencies in cost, performance and applicability.

AKA Modules are designed to be drop-in solutions and come with all supporting documents and the AKA commitment to make the customer product a success. AKA can also provide complete support for embedding the AKA Modules into customer design requirements. Advanced Knowledge Associates also backs the AKA Modules with the latest in manufacturing and testing techniques to meet any customer needs.

Advanced Knowledge Associates has specific expertise in:

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