Acoustic Technologies

Founded in 1998, Acoustic Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, with offices worldwide. Acoustic Technologies creates high quality semiconductor and software solutions for leading telecom manufacturers worldwide. The SoundClear(R) brand of patented full-duplex communication and echo cancellation solutions is enabling significant advancements in telecommunications voice quality. SoundClear provides natural bi-directional communication in mobile phones, business speakerphones, VoIP telephones, hands-free car kits, Bluetooth accessories, and other speakerphone enabled products. Our solutions, covered by 35 patents, offer a breakthrough in performance and price while significantly improving high-priority telecommunications issues such as acoustic echo, network echo, excessive noise, poor speech quality, and choppy one-way communication in speakerphone enabled products.

The SoundClear technology is available in software form, which runs on the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) or application co-processor within the mobile phone, and is targeted at the cellular handset, cellular speakerphone and cellular PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) markets. Acoustic Technologies is an official OMAP(R) Development Network member for Texas Instruments and eXpressDSP(R) compliant software is available through TI's Third Party Program. In addition, Acoustic is a member of StarCore LLC's Alliance Program. Acoustic is also a member of the Intel(R) PCA Developer Network enabling XScale(R) software compatibility on Intel's cellular baseband chips and data processors. The SoundClear technology is also available in silicon (chip) form as a family of products that are targeted at the business speakerphone, conference speakerphone, small office speakerphone, home office speakerphone, cellular hands-free car speakerphone, cordless telephone, and home speakerphone markets.

Intellectual Property: Our team of engineers has created 35 patent applications with over 375 claims, in the areas of advanced acoustic and network echo cancellation, noise tolerant signal processing, sound enhancement, and improved signal to noise ratios. Seventeen of these patents have now issued. These patented breakthrough technologies allow Acoustic to cost effectively provide audio performance that was previously unattainable. These patents can be applied to a wide array of applications including: conference-room speakerphones, PBX phones, VoIP phones, cordless phones, hands-free cellular kits, and cellular handsets.

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