Axiom Design Automation

Originally founded as @HDL in 1999, Axiom Design Automation pioneered development of advanced functional verification products. The company's mission has always been to accelerate the verification flow and to increase the overall productivity of verification engineers.

As verification challenges grow exponentially with design complexity, designers need to adopt new tools and methodologies to deliver on stringent time to production requirements. Standardization in verification methodology and wide acceptance of SystemVerilog, together with availability of affordable multi-CPU hardware, has provided the necessary infrastructure for AXIOM to offer a comprehensive solution with the highest simulation performance in the industry.

AXIOM's integrated functional verification solution leverages multi-CPU technology to deliver the fastest SystemVerilog and Verilog simulator in the industry. Combined with advanced testbench automation, coverage analysis, assertion support, debugging and formal verification, AXIOM's comprehensive verification solution ensures that the most complex designs are fully verified in the least amount of time.

AXIOM has a global sales and support team with R&D centers in USA and India.

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