Ambarella is the technology leader in low power, high definition video compression and image processing semiconductors. Their products are helping to define a new class of hybrid digital cameras that bring consumers unmatched high definition video and digital still images together in one device.

Today, consumers experience high resolution still images from their digital still camera but only mediocre video quality. Conversely, camcorder still image quality and processing speed lags far behind traditional digital still cameras. Consumers are increasingly expecting high definition video due to rapidly falling HDTV and PC prices and the standard has been set by still image quality. High definition camcorders offer much better video quality, but are expensive and cumbersome due to tape-based recording. Fortunately, new video compression standards provide the compression efficiency needed for high definition video recording using flash-based memory. Because of these market changes, the industry is seeing an inflection point as enthusiasts and amateurs alike demand the kind of video quality they have come to enjoy on their HDTV—merged in one affordable combination digital still and video device. The high definition experience has become the expectation.

To enable this fast-growing market, we have developed a fully integrated system-on-chip (SoC) based on the latest H.264 video compression standard. Our platform integrates every critical system function and offers our customers the most cost effective solution while delivering the complete high definition experience.

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