AWR Corporation

AWR Corporation has rapidly established itself as a worldwide leader in high-frequency electronic design automation (EDA) software. The company has developed a revolutionary, future-facing product architecture and open software platform that embodies years of knowledge and expertise in RF, microwave and millimeter wave design applications, and delivers a new level of design automation and productivity improvement not possible in any other design system on the market today.

The company's mission is to provide EDA solutions that dramatically reduce product development costs for wireless, high-speed wireline and electro-optical applications. Since its inception, AWR has introduced some of the most exciting and compelling high-frequency design tools in the industry, while completely resetting expectations on how fast a software company can react to the needs of its customers. As a result of its industry-leading product innovation and customer responsiveness, AWR is establishing a loyal worldwide customer base that is expanding rapidly.

AWR's unique core technology is a modern object-oriented architecture that is inherently open and flexible compared to legacy EDA design tools, which are generally poorly integrated, difficult to use, and expensive. AWR solutions elevate the product development process by bridging the hierarchical divide between system and circuit level design tools. The result is a truly revolutionary design approach that enables interactive tradeoffs between systems requirements and circuit implementation. AWR's solutions address the physical implementation of integrated circuits (ICs), multi-chip modules and printed circuit boards (PCBs) within a single consistent environment.

AWR products and technology provide designers with an unmatched level of performance and customer satisfaction. The results are significant increases in productivity and cost-effectiveness. AWR is rapidly becoming the new standard for high-frequency product development on designers' desktops.

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