ASM Technologies Limited

ASM Technologies Limited (ASMTL) is a leading software services company focusing on Consulting, IT Services, Enterprise Solutions and Embedded Systems Design.

ASMTL is a 17 year old Public Limited software services company headquartered in Bangalore, India with sales offices and operations in Singapore, US, UK, Japan and Muscat.

ASMTL has over the years delivered solutions and meeting the requirements of global clientele in the embedded systems space. We are a leading provider of custom product development with years of experience in end-to-end embedded systems development.

Our technology capabilities are well supported by industry-specific experiences in developing embedded systems design for Networking & Telecom, Automotive, Aviation, Internet appliances, Mobile, Wireless, Energy, Medical, Consumer and Industrial electronics products.

Snapshot of Embedded Systems Design Capabilities:

  1. Over 400 person-years of End-to-End Embedded Systems Design experience.
  2. Licensed Technologies to Tier-I & Tier-II Manufacturers.
  3. Wide exposure on various Integrated Real Time Solutions and Turnkey Development.
  4. Experience in End-to-End Embedded System Design - RTOS, Firmware, Device Drivers, File System, Bus and Peripherals, Protocol Stacks and Hardware.
  5. Expertise in Board level Hardware, FPGA Design and Development services.
  6. Expertise in DSP services (Audio, Video and Speech Codecs).
  7. Experience in most leading Processors, Microcontrollers, DSPs and FPGAs.
  8. Experience in Embedded Software and Hardware Testing.

Our Development Methodology For Software Solutions is based on Standard Software Engineering Methodologies(IEEE/ISO). Our processes are SEI-CMM Level 4 compliant.

ASMTL customers include Fortune 1000 companies, multinationals, small and medium enterprises across several industries.

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