ARinfotek is founded in February 2004, most of its founders are of engineer background, with superior experiences in the areas of automation control as well as in system design in Data Communication Networking. This engineer team is proud of its knowledge of fine-tuned Linux Kernel, file system, device driver, application software programming, TCP/UDP protocol, monitor, and remote management Software, etc. The team's expertise also includes system hardware design, such as X86 processor design, from 80286 to P4/Xeon, from single processor to multiple processors, as well as system Logic design, from fully complete GAL glue logic to high innovation owned ASIC. The result of such talented team working together is a series of products with capacity covering not only excellent computation of X86 processors but also low power consumption of RISC processors.

In short, with the team's superior software and hardware experiences, ARinfotek commits itself deeply to reliable and valuable products in Automation Control and Data Communication Networking.

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