Advanced Microcomputer Systems

Advanced Microcomputer Systems, Incorporated (AMS) is an established company that has maintained its flexibility since its founding in 1981. It has consistently demonstrated its ability to provide products of the highest quality perfectly timed to maximize their appeal in the many markets served. AMS has become an important part in the success of its customers by introducing and sustaining unique PC based products at profitable pricing.

Today, AMS is a leader in PC enhancement products that range from ultra-sophisticated add-in board products, through communication products and a complete line of professional Computer Aided Engineering software products and development tools. The company has achieved substantial growth and profitability since its founding. It is now poised, as never before, to scale ever new heights, to face new challenges, and to expand new markets. The growth of AMS has allowed the company to build a firm base of product, personnel, and customers, which has allowed it to become a major supplier to personal computer users and to the Personal Computer Industry.

This site also has several embedded systems listed for educational purposes. AMS als has tools for embedded systems development. Their products are developed around Motorola 68HC11/68HC12, Intel 8051/80x86, PIC.

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