X-board Embedded Processor Module Without Extra Baggage

The embedded world is still expanding, several board level form-factors and modules have been established. There are many different so called Single-Board-Computers (SBC) from PC/104 to EBX to Slot-cards featuring ISA and/or PCI expansion that can either run standalone or utilize a backplane for expansion. On the other side we see a growing number of embedded modules for semi-customized systems, like the DIMM-PC®, ETX Component SBCTM, MMC2 or PMC modules. The modules provide the core functions, a custom carrier card (a.k.a. baseboard) adds the specific features for the application.

Driven by time-to-market, future upgrade paths, minimized design risk the embedded CPU modules are on a path of continuing growth. X-boardTM closes the gap between the "CPU only" DIMM-PC® and the feature laden ETX Component SBCTM. The compact definition of the X-boardTM module with all modern interfaces allows for very power efficient processor-modules without making compromises.

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