What is MEGACO/H.248?

MEGACO/H.248 is the official industry standard protocol for interfacing between external call agents called Media Gateway Controllers (MGC's) and Media Gateways (MG's). The standard is the result of a unique collaborative effort between th IETF and ITU standards organizations. Derived from MGCP (which, in turn, was derived from the combination of SGCP and IPDC), MEGACO draws heavily from MGCP plus introduces several enhancements. Even though MGCP was deployed first, MEGACO/H.248 is expected to win wide industry acceptance as the official standard for decomposed gateway architectures sanctioned by both the IETF and ITU. MGCP is currently being mainained under the auspices of the PacketCable and the Softswitch Consortium. There are no plans for the MGCP specification to be enhanced by any international standards body.

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