Web Caching: Optimizing for Internet and Web Traffic

Business use of the Internet and of web-based applications continues to grow exponentially, despite the fits and starts of the "Internet revolution." The Internet is increasingly being used to link suppliers, partners, and customers. Key enterprise applications have been or are migrating to web-based implementations. This dramatic increase in web-based activity in the enterprise is also being seen in schools, libraries, and other educational institutions. Simply expanding network capacity to deal with the stress is not the best answer. There are much more economical ways to make better use of existing networks than investing resources on expanding network capacity. Deploying web caching technologies offers just such a solution.

This paper describes the new challenges facing enterprise and educational networks in the current environment, and details how implementing a webcache appliance can benefit all of an organization's online operations. By reducing the stress on existing networks, increasing employee or student productivity through innovative applications, and creating a more efficient and reliable environment for conducting business or learning online, webcaches can significantly improve network efficiency and dramatically impact an organization's ability to meet its goals.

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