When Business Success Depends on Network Access

Not so long ago, only a few industries depended for their day-to-day survival on the reliability and uptime of their data networks. It was easy to see that if the network went down or even slowed down in a bank or stock exchange, a hospital or medical center, or an automated manufacturing operation, the results could be catastrophic: lost revenues, lost credibility, even lost lives. Businesses in these industries invested heavily in secure data centers, redundant high-speed backbones, emergency networking spares, remote backup facilities, and other measures to guarantee "high availability" networking. Other businesses were content to spend just enough for a basic LAN that worked well most of the time.

But things have changed. Today, nearly every business has come to rely on services and applications that run on the office LAN. Now, a network outage is not just an inconvenience. Almost every business system, from interoffice communications, to customer service, to procurement, to time tracking and billing sometimes even the storefront itself relies on the network in some way. If that network goes down, the results can be disastrous. And since most companies have limited IT staff, there may not be a skilled person available who can rush to the scene to get the network up again quickly.

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