Voice Portals: The Heart of the Voice Web

The marriage of the Internet and the telephone has resulted in the emergence of a new platform, the voice portal, through which Internet content and electronic commerce can be accessed by anyone, from any phone, anywhere, using spoken commands. Voice portal applications are becoming a key access point to the vast array of information on the Internet. They seamlessly provide services once relegated only to common web browsers, and they do it with the most natural user interface the human voice. This paper discusses the technologies enabling voice portals and the markets in which the voice web is flourishing. It describes the types of companies that are building and deploying voice web applications and the business models they are using. Details are provided on NMS Communications' (NMS) state-of-the-art platform for rapidly building and deploying voice portals. The benefits are highlighted via examples of customers who have successfully deployed voice portal applications using NMS' enabling technology.

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